Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yesterday was kind of a wacky day because I went to my great grandpa's house I went on the hammock swinging then my cousins pushed me harder so I flew for a little while.Then we started playing this scary game called''break a leg'' but literally you don't break a leg.You have to stay on the hammock while people are swinging the hammock.It depends if they swing high you'll go faster and further.Well any way yesterday I was panicking because I lost my Mario kart game for the Nintendo DS . It all started when I was playing the DS my aunt was leaving I had to give it to her because it was hers and then I had to put the game some where then I put in my pocket.And then I put it into my pocket then I went on the hammock again and then I played break a leg again and I guess that it fell out of my pocket.So any way I found the ds game and then I slept over my grand pa's house.In the morning we played poker and played with some cars then we (my grand pa and I).And now we re going to make some little towns with plastic people well thats it for today I'l be back soon

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