Monday, February 2, 2009

li'l Wayne needs to be more into hip hop again. He sucks as a rocker but my aunt Diana aka pp she loves li'l Wayne so much that she wants lady gaga to sing a song.Together it would be the coolest song she and I say.Oh ya the other day when my dad and I and my sister and my mom went running we went around the Rose Bowl one time.And I went with my scooter and my family went running and then my dad and I and then he was so sweaty he left a sweat mark of a butt.HEY DIANA HOW IS IT GOING ?I AM FOLLOWING EVERY SINGLE ONE.BYE EVERYONE


  1. hey tonyyy.. another good entryyyy.. don't make me wait too long for the next oooone.

    ps. yayyy li'l waynnne

  2. heyyyy you have to write moooore