Sunday, July 26, 2009

I went to two birthday's I went to my cousin crystal's quincenera &I went to my sisters 12th
b-day things I did at my cousins b-day:
1 . we went to mass
2. I rode in an Infinity g35
3.I ate
3. I enjoyed the entertainment there
4.I busted up some dance moves
5.I made my voice smaller with helium
6.I took some pictures games
It's time for my sister I sometimes cry to my self when I had my older sister with me and I still remember she was little so here is what I did at my sister's b-day
1.listen to songs
2.get wet with water
3.hit like a king with a baseball and the bat
4. learned more jerking games
7.took pictures

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm back

SO I Have not been talking on my blog for a very long time.I'm going to go touch reptiles at my dad's work on 7/13/09.I have not been blogging of boredom.
Things that have happened since the last blog:
1. finished fourth grade
2.I went fishing and I captured nothing
3.I met the mayor
4.I know how to jerk
5.I'm going to make 2 jerking videos (Diana call me)
6.Brianna has been annoying
7.I'm in the 5th grade
8.wrap it up