Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's finally her birth day

Hey its actually my follower's birthday Diana she is turning ( GET READY) ..... 22.She is a banana slugger from Santa Cruz.She is the best aunt because she makes me stuff for my Nintendo Dual screen aka:ds.It is so cool to have an aunt like mine oh it was cool that she let me play her Dual screen that her boyfriend MICHAEL gave her and now it is the best day for her because it's her birth day


  1. hey TONYYYY. thanksss for the birthday shout outttt.. just so happens that you're the best nephew everrrrr.. i guess because you were born/raised that way.. i'll see you next time i go down and hopefully you won't be grounded so we can playyyyyyy

  2. i'm not grounded any more so now i could play