Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today was the funniest and coolest day ever.It all started when we went to Philippes diner and last Saturday I asked him if we could go to the movies and he said no.And I asked ''why can't we go'' and now today we went to go see the movie Hotel for dogs.And he kind of was making me laugh while watching the movie he always eats his turkey sandwiches so he brought it in and after we went to CIRCUIT CITY and he got me Lego Star Wars the complete saga.And after he bought this white new house phone only for 3o or 20 dollars so after we got that business over with we went to the JCrew in the AMERICANA and we waited in line for a half hour.So he was going to access a card for a discount and we were the first people in line so this guy that works there told him that it didn't work so we stood there for nothing and it also cost 80 dollars.
And after we went to the house and we raked and blew the leaves into four piles.I did the leaf blowing and I made the leaves into the four piles.And then I blew some dirt out of the way so my grandpa could get through and then I said '' I'm done'' and he said ''okay'' .So I waited for my mom to pick me up and I was watching the basketball game so I went to go looking for my grandpa down stairs and he's been up stairs the whole time.
So I started to help my grandpa so I got a little basket.And I put the leaves in and took it downstairs into to the trash can and put it into the trash can.And the leaves got stuck and started to bang the basket around and they finally came out.and hey Diana tell other people to be some of my followers bye everyone.

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  1. hey tony.. sounds like you had a lot of fun.. is the game for the ds? i just got a new ds so we can play each other now. good job with this entry! it was fun to reeead.. see you this weekenddd